Choose your mindset

This isn’t one of those ‘positive mind positive vibes’ type posts! It’s a reminder that you have a choice.

Not to ‘wake up and decide you’re going to be happy today’ – that’s crap if you ask me. But that you can decide to plan your day around things that will either put you right in the middle of a bad day or remove you from a potentially toxic environment or situation.

But it IS your choice to make.

Small things like taking a short walk before work or at lunch, or taking a work from ‘home’ day but going somewhere inspirational like a museum, library or even that rooftop garden you fancy. Or the bigger things like quit that damn job that makes it so hard to get out of bed in the morning, get something temporary or set up that freelance thing you’ve been wanting to do.

Either way don’t willingly (even if reluctantly) put yourself into situations that will make you unhappy, stressed, anxious or sick.

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