Goals vs Tasks

What are your business goals?

‘Earn X amount per year’
‘Employ X people’
‘Speak at X events this year’
‘Open a new location’
‘Become an international super star’
‘Take over the world’

Whatever your goals, how do they compare with your Monday morning to do list?

‘Email so and so back’
‘Process expenses’
‘Chase Mr Always Late Paying His Invoice’
‘Book train tickets’
‘Write funding bid’
‘Prepare speech for event next week’
‘Update social media and post on LinkedIn’

And so on, and so on…

How do they compare? Although these small tasks on your to do list eventually add up to the big things on your goals list – doesn’t if feel like a million miles away from that dream when you’re checking your receipts or changing the password to your travel account because you forgot again and low and behold the price just quadrupled because you went to book last month but took that phone call instead… it’s no wonder you occasionally feel deflated.

Let’s go back to the Goals list and work backwards from there, consider the steps you need to take to get there and then re-asses – are you spending too much time on the ground when you should be elsewhere?

Can I help?  Being able to outsource effectively enables you to lead your business towards those goals, get in touch and see if I can support you in reaching them.

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