How can I help?

In my ten years as an assistant I have worked with some of the most brilliant minds in many different industries, but all of them had one thing in common – not enough hours in the day!

Not only that but these people were so creative, driven, passionate and successful that tasks such as expenses, filing, book-keeping and inbox filing (when they would come out of a meeting to 20 brand new unread emails on top of the pile), simply left them feeling stressed out and unwell.

Successful people function best when their brains are free to create new ideas, projects and even new business models. Which is where I come in!

As an example, contract me for say, 14 hours a month, that’s two full days or 4 half days I can spend on your administrative tasks.  Or look at it this way – that’s two full days of your time you get back to spend doing something you actually enjoy, something you’re good at or have been putting off or you could do nothing – your time, your call!

Your email count will be minimal, you’ll be able to find information easily in a working filing system, you can send over your receipts and invoice requirements to me so that you can just go about the next task and get paid without worrying about it.

If you’re starting up I can help you set up a WordPress website with an email account and get your social media started.

Keep forgetting birthdays or have no time to pop out and grab a gift or a card for someone? I can sort that for you too (I once did someone’s entire Christmas shopping for them for two years running).

Got something else you need my help with – just ask, I’ll do my best to find a way to make your life easier.

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