So what do you do?

Now there’s a question! 9 months ago (yesterday, actually) I was taken into an office and let go from a job I had once absoltely adored. Admittedly, if they hadn’t decided to let me go, after reading in my emails that I was planning to hand in my notice that same day, I’d have handedContinue reading “So what do you do?”

Terrifying Accountability

Do you take accountability, or do you lay blame? Being accountable for something doesn’t have to be terrifying. Something goes wrong, the response is one of two options; How do I take a proactive response to this, figure out what happened and why and find a solution that moves the situation forwards How do IContinue reading “Terrifying Accountability”

Goals vs Tasks

What are your business goals? ‘Earn X amount per year’ ‘Employ X people’ ‘Speak at X events this year’ ‘Open a new location’ ‘Become an international super star’ ‘Take over the world’ Whatever your goals, how do they compare with your Monday morning to do list? ‘Email so and so back’ ‘Process expenses’ ‘Chase MrContinue reading “Goals vs Tasks”

Choose your mindset

This isn’t one of those ‘positive mind positive vibes’ type posts! It’s a reminder that you have a choice. Not to ‘wake up and decide you’re going to be happy today’ – that’s crap if you ask me. But that you can decide to plan your day around things that will either put you rightContinue reading “Choose your mindset”