Choose your mindset

This isn’t one of those ‘positive mind positive vibes’ type posts! It’s a reminder that you have a choice. Not to ‘wake up and decide you’re going to be happy today’ – that’s crap if you ask me. But that you can decide to plan your day around things that will either put you rightContinue reading “Choose your mindset”

Sunday evening stress

Sunday evening is a perfect time to prepare ourselves mentally with our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, revising and editing the things we need for ourselves and for our loved ones. But as you draw up a quick to do list for your Monday morning, notice how you feel about each item that goesContinue reading “Sunday evening stress”

Why hire me as your assistant?

I’m that person who sees your mountain of mail or your paperwork strewn office (or your inbox!) and gets excited at the prospect of filing it neatly, in date order with beautiful folders, labels and post it notes for any actions – one of my favourite ever executives called me ‘odd’ once for this veryContinue reading “Why hire me as your assistant?”