What a week!

This week is FULL ON.

Sunday night I was at a venue setting up for a full day corporate event on the Monday, 7am – 6pm (short day events wise to be honest!) but then today I’m heading for London for another event tonight, staying over, back to Warrington for college in the morning and then back to London for an event on Wednesday night, I will get home on Thursday night and I have done nothing but MOAN about it all and wish away the week to Friday when I’m taking the day off.

Why? So much travel / having to squeeze college in because they gave us the timetable super late / so much to organise at the same time / trying to be in two places at once / eating well (and vegan) on the go isn’t easy / the AirBnB instructions are too complicated etc etc.

I’ve just had a quick word with myself in my journal for this nonsense. I’m giving my power to be happy away to others by putting the responsibility on the situation, rather than myself, to view this from another angle and turn things around.

Yes, I’m going to be tired, but there is a lot of positive coming out of these next couple of days! Plus, I have been wanting to be busy since before Christmas when all went a little too quiet for my usual pace – be careful what you wish for as they say.

So, to shift my own perspective;

– Yesterday’s event was great, met some wonderful people, got a bit of a head start on how the set up will look for future events (I also got a free breakfast thanks to the guest who didn’t show up)
– Travelling to London today gives me time to think, plan, read and write on the train
– The AirBnB will be an experience at least, think of it more of an adventure! (the instructions to get into the place are LONG though haha)
– The event tonight will be well attended and is well organised, plus you will get to see your client in person and she is awesome and always puts a smile on your face
– College tomorrow, yes it’s far, it’s an early start on a long day BUT it’s also the first one of the new term and you’ll meet all of your new cohort and it’ll be a great day
– Travelling back to London will give you time to absorb your first day, make notes, plan for the final event of the week
– Wednesday night Roots Programme event is going to be fun, it’s sold out and could be great for business, lots of influential people in the room and partnerships to be had (plus you’re staying over so not far to go to collapse into bed)
– Thursday morning strategy meeting will probably use up almost the last of your brain power but then you’re teaching a yoga class that evening back in Warrington and you LOVE your class

I feel better, ish, it’s going to take some re-reading and re-programming but by the time I arrive in London and pick up the key to the AirBnB I’ll feel like myself again I’m sure.

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