Why hire me as your assistant?

I’m that person who sees your mountain of mail or your paperwork strewn office (or your inbox!) and gets excited at the prospect of filing it neatly, in date order with beautiful folders, labels and post it notes for any actions – one of my favourite ever executives called me ‘odd’ once for this very reason (in the nicest possible way) but this is why I set up this thing!

Boss: Kerry, you’d be proud, I’ve sorted some of my bills out
Me: Oh amazing! Doesn’t it give you a sense of achievement?
Boss: No.

Save yourself the time, headaches and stress (you never know whats’s lurking in that pile of paperwork) and let me do these things for you, leaving you free to do something you actually want to do…

Take a look at the services I can offer to make your life easier, if there’s something you need that’s not on there then please feel free to email me at kerry@pranapa.com to organise your complimentary call and discuss your requirements.

One thought on “Why hire me as your assistant?

  1. It’s all about how you can make people feel isn’t it? That dread of filing the paperwork so you leave it, but then the pile just gets too big and falls over…and then you come along! Perfect.

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